Hunting in North Cyprus.
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Selimiye Mosque Inside
Selimiye Mosque Inside
photo by: Sinem Tulipa Turcica
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Hunting in North Cyprus

Father and Son After Hunting
photo by: Izzet Zorlu
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Hunting is a popular activity in both North and south Cyprus. The North Cyprus hunting season runs from October to February, and is permitted only on Sundays. All hunting areas are strictly controlled by the government, and every hunter must have a licence. Most hunters are not after big prey, concentrating mainly on hares, pigeons and partridge. Local residents only are allowed permits, but if you come to live in North Cyprus, you can apply for one.

Hunting Law in North Cyprus

The Interior Ministry are responsible for Game and Wild Bird Law, which cover the following:
• Hunting Animals
• Game Birds (black partridge, pheasant, chukar partridge, snipe, quail, turtle dove, and greylag goose.)
• Hunting season
• The rules of hunting
• Hunting Licences
• Hunting protected areas
• Some rules and restrictions during hunting seasons

Bird Hunting

The hunting of small birds using lime is not permitted in south Cyprus, but the tradition may continue in North Cyprus. Many conservation groups are concerned over the loss of small migratory birds, and are putting pressure on the government to outlaw the practice.

North Cyprus shooting

If you prefer shooting at targets than animals, you can always visit a target range. The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus Shooting Federation has ranges at Gonyeli and Famagusta, both of which feature trap and skeet ranges.

Shooting Outdoors in North Cyprus

The Girne Gun Club is a new facility completed in 2001, and offers the fun of outdoor shooting in the rugged valley within the club grounds. Keen shooters will enjoy the challenge of shooting at targets of varying skill levels contained within the scenery, and having to adapt to changing weather and light conditions, especially the bright sunlight!

North Cyprus Shotgun Rules

You can bring a shotgun into Cyprus, but not a semi automatic weapon. Any guns must be accompanied by the full raft of customs paperwork, which can be secured in advance via an agent. All guns must be locked securely at the gun club when not in use.