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22 February 2007

Girne Market

If you love fresh fruit and vegetables and a typical Turkish scene the wednesday market is a must.

On the Girne to Lapta road heading towards Lapta the market can be found on the left by the fountain roundabout. Parking is easy - there are roads all around the area and a walk through the park leads to the clothes stalls. You will find everything from coats, jumpers, shirts, skirts, trousers, underwear and much much more lining the street up to the hub of the market.

In the centre are most of the fruit and veg stalls boasting their beautiful wares, although many small independent stall holders are to be found dotted here & there around the outside. The atmosphere hits you the hustle and bustle of the buyers and the stall holders shouting out there bargains in Turkish to attract your attention its a thrill to the senses. Don't worry if you haven't picked up any Turkish many of the stalls display their prices. Here you can buy cauliflowers the size of dinner plates, radishes the size of tennis balls, vegetables so fresh and green the delicious aromours hit the nostrils especially the citrus fruitswhich are sold by the bag load.

To start your buying adventure just get a plastic bag from the stall holder and choose your purchases the paying is easy - yesterday I bought bananas, apples, pears, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, green peppers & hot peppers enough for the two of us for a week and all I spent was 11ytl.

Around the hub are various smaller stalls selling clothes, toys, rugs, hardware, towels, bedding and far more. At the top of the market are the fish stalls who are only too pleased to help you choose from their many varieties of fresh fish, here you will also find shrubs, trees & plants and pots to display them in.

You can buy rice, beans and pulses from the sacks another stall you can indulge in a mix of nuts and their delicious Turkish Delight. Jars of local honey appear everywhere with loaves and bread products, olives and eggs.

This is the place to try the delights of TRNC - if you don't like them what have you lost a couple of ytl but you have gained so much from taking part in another tradition of this beautiful country?


Blogger Izzet Zorlu said...

The fruits and vegetables are much fresher than you can find in Lemar or other markets.

In Turkish, you can the Girne Market, "Çarşı" (meaning market - pronounced as "charshi").

22 February 2007 12:29  

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