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12 February 2007

My First Time Golf at Korineum Course in Esentepe

Today, my friend Berkan (photo above) and I went to the Korineum golf course in Esentepe in order to play golf for the first time.

Golf is so much fun! We each paid £2 for "the stick" and £2 for 30 balls. They give you a token which use to get 30 balls from the machine next to the academy. I had to swing the air a couple of times before I actually were able to hit the ball.

Then, a nice man who Berkan knew, told us a few tips and we got better as we practice.

We really want to learn playing golf so we signed up for the 10-hour lesson plan which costed £300 for two of us (£250 for 1 person + £50 extra per person). We did not become a member yet. If we still like this sport after the lessons which I think we'll most definitely do, then our plan is to sign up for the academy membership which costs only £250 per person annual upto 90 rounds of golf in the 3-hole academy area.

Anyway, my advise is - if you are a resident, you just shouldn't miss the lots of fun just a short drive away from your home. If you are a golf player already, you will love Esentepe golf course - the scenery is amazing! You get to see excellent sea views and breath fresh air everywhere.

My first lesson is on Wednesday. I'll keep you posted.

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Anonymous Cyprus Kathy said...

I'll wait for your report on your lesson with bated breath, Izzet. Who knows, you might even tempt me out of the spa and onto the course! On the other hand, by the look of Berkan's swing, I might stay inside a little longer... Have fun!

13 February 2007 00:59  
Blogger Izzet Zorlu said...

Hahaha.. I know! We are getting better though. This was actually the very first time he was swinging then we put the camera down ;)

13 February 2007 10:18  
Blogger Kathy said...

Hope the golf lesson went well and you look better with a club than Berkan!!

15 February 2007 18:52  

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