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28 February 2007

Is North Cyprus the Essex of the Mediterranean?

The recent forum post about one Trip Advisor review, who clearly did not enjoy his trip to North Cyprus, made me wonder. Is North Cyprus the Essex of the Mediterranean?

Now, Essex is a much-maligned county, supposedly filled with ugly buildings and featureless towns populated by rude, featureless people with the moral responsibility of a desperate dog on a croquet lawn. Needless to say, it’s a stereotype that is usually only vaguely accurate in the grotty outer London edges at 11pm when the pubs turn out and the chip shops do a roaring trade in instant obesity.

Essex is actually a large county with a rich history and an ever-changing landscape. Its coastline is diverse, its country churches surprisingly beautiful, and its people are on the whole a friendly and welcoming bunch, who live life at a more healthy pace than their busy, more ‘advanced’ London neighbours.

Sound familiar? For Essex, think North Cyprus. If Mr Moaner from York (love that phrase!) had got off his bottom and taken the trouble to explore Kyrenia further, he would have found a historic city centre dating back centuries. Had he driven to a Karpas beach, he would have found miles of empty space and clean, golden sand. Yes, he did drive into the mountains and admired Karmi for its simplicity (hooray) but then rubbished the food. Hello? If you want simplicity, don’t expect a Michelin-starred restaurant in the North Cyprus mountains with open doors, just in case you happen to waft by.

If you want to experience the real Essex, try the seafood, walk the coast, or visit the pub the locals enjoy. Northern Cyprus is just the same; take the time to discover it properly, and you’ll be hooked. Look at the rash of new buildings and the casinos, and it could be Essex in the Sun. Look at the beauty of the landscape, the drama of the coastline and the warmth of the people, and it can be paradise.

Essex, we salute you. North Cyprus, we love you...


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