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27 October 2008

Turkish Lira Exchange Rate

If you've been keeping an eye on the exchange rates these past weeks, you can't have failed to notice how sterling is holding up rather well against the Turkish Lira, reaching the dizzy heights of 2.80 lira to the GB pound in recent days.

And, this must be good news for North Cyprus holidays in 2009. With UK holidaymakers looking critically at costs of everything, a country that offers good value in terms of accommodation, price of food, fuel, car hire, etc is bound to win out. The 2008 recession-buster holiday was the USA, but with the dollar rallying against the GB pound to former heights of 1.80 or so, the USA is not the bargain it was, and the next bargain holiday destination of 2009 could be North Cyprus.

My UK-based friends are all telling me how fed up they are with the media constantly telling them how bad the economy is. They are tired of greedy banks, smug Prime Ministers and the price of fuel. Most of them just want a break from it all, and a week in the North Cyprus sunshine would do them the world of good.

So, do your friends a favour and point them towards Cyprus44 for ideas for their next holiday. (And if you're smart like me, you persuade them to stay down the road in a nice rental villa or apartment, so you can show them North Cyprus without having them sleeping on your sofa!)


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