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11 June 2008

Cyprus44 forum - the new TRNC newspaper?

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What I love about technology is the way you can learn so much from people you have never met. I enjoy reading the Cyprus44 forum posts for just this reason. It's like being in a bar with interesting people you really want to talk to, but without the beer bill and the headache the next day!

The post that's caught my eye this week is by Brian24001 on why Britain would wish to sign a "Memorandum of Understanding" with south Cyprus, especially at a time when the peace talks between north and south are finally becoming a reality.

OK, here's a hint. Life's a gas as Prime Minister, but the party will soon be over when the North Sea reserves run out...

Fuel prices are fast replacing the weather as the hot topic of conversation in the UK, and nothing invites more fury than petrol price rises. The average price of diesel has risen to over GB£1.30 a litre, and lorry drivers and school run mums alike are up in arms.

Which is why we're quids in here in North Cyprus once again, with the average pump price for diesel hovering just below the 2YTL mark. (That's around 90p for our UK readers.)
But, UKTurk sounds a cautionary note with his Cyprus44 forum post on fuel prices. Prices in mainland Turkey are already a third higher than in North Cyprus, and I have a a nasty feeling that's a taste of things to come in the future.

So, while our UK families moan about falling rain and rising fuel prices, perhaps we here in the TRNC should count our lucky stars that even if we can't have water, there's still cheap petrol - for the meantime.


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