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8 November 2008

Cyprus Issues Solved Over a Cup of Coffee?

America may be celebrating its new President elect, but it should also be pleased with its new First Lady too. Across the world, the wives of Presidents, Prime Ministers and politicians often work behind the scenes, quietly effecting change, whilst the world's media watches their husbands instead.

This week, without fuss or bother, the First Lady of the Republic of Cyprus, Elsi Christofias, came to northern Cyprus to meet Oya Talat, wife of Mehmet Ali Talat. Mrs Talat had invited Mrs Christofias to coffee, a purely social visit, and afterwards the two women strolled around the historic harbour at Kyrenia. However gentle this social call may seem, its importance could be far-reaching, since their husbands are now sitting down at talks on reunification.

The advantages of a charming wife for a leader should not be underestimated. Back in March, a friend of mine in the House of Lords was requested to look after the wife of a visiting President, a role usually looked upon as something of a chore. However, my friend leapt at the chance. Why? His taxing task was to escort the wife of French President Sarkozy, the singer and former model Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, and he was the envy of the House for weeks!

The vivacious and curvaceous Ms Bruni has previously modelled for such fashion houses greats as Christian Dior, Lacroix, Galliano, Chanel and Versace, so my titled friend was very sure to wear his best suit...


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