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22 March 2007

Direct flights fiasco by Cyprus Paradise

I've been following with interest a thread on the forums, which covered the story of "Misleading adverts for holidays in North Cyprus". Now, this is the tale of Cyprus Paradise's UK adverts for "direct flights to North Cyprus", which actually land in Larnaca. The only direct part of it was that the company would then bus you "direct" to North Cyprus! One of the regular posters on the forum objected to the advert, and reported it to the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency), who investigated his claim.

The ASA reported; "After consideration by the ASA of complaints received, the following companies and organisations agreed to amend or withdraw advertising without the need for a formal investigation: The Paradise Found Travel Company Ltd t/a Cyprus Paradise National press Holidays and travel."

Which means in effect the company backed down, and indeed the latest Sunday Times adverts for any firm selling holidays in North Cyprus using Larnaca flights (as reported by Smug Sister in London) now state "Direct flights to Cyprus." That's people power in action, and I'm all for it.

What amazed me about the whole affair was the vitriol poured against Jerry, the poster who reported the advert. Fellow posters said he was a "little busybody", and that's the polite version. Yet he had an absolute legitimate complaint; the flights are not direct to North Cyprus, they land in Larnaca. It's like saying that flying to Manchester and catching a coach to Scotland constitutes "direct flights to Glasgow!"

However, the good news is that the controversy has brought out a rash of adverts for holidays to North Cyprus, all of which are selling hard the beauty and tranquillity that we already know and love. Good news, I hear you cry? More holidays are good news? Yes, I think they are, because they raise the profile and awareness of North Cyprus in the UK. Saves me having to do it all the time anyway!

Check out recent Pegasus flights from Standsted to Ercan non-direct via Istanbul!



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