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13 March 2007

Penpoint as published in the Cyprus Times

Will they get anywhere or just talk to much?
By Fanos Droushiotis

The leaders of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot political parties have approved a series of events aimed at promoting rapprochement between the two communities.

Slovak Ambassador to Cyprus Jan Varso told a press conference on Tuesday, in the presence of the leaders or representatives of political parties participating in the Ledra Palace meetings, that "the politicians have tried to bring some innovative elements" into their contacts.

The representatives of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot parties spoke in brief about the purpose of the events and pointed out they would contribute to rapprochement between the two communities and the creation of relations that would promote peaceful coexistence in the context of a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus problem.
This was announced and re-announced so many times that our ears have been getting used to it so much that it does not impress our brain anymore.

Political parties meet and they have discussions about the solution of this long lasting problem but it seems that ehen most of the party leaders go back to their office, they forget what they have been talking about and this starts all over again.

But it is very simple to see that nobody is really interested in solving the problem as it suits everyone to keep the status quo.

Especially when you have statements made by Tassos Papadopoullos who insists in NOT meeting with president Talat, when he does not agree that the UN should be used as a base for the solution of the Cyprus problem and when he rejects everything that has to do with negotiations regarding the solution, whatever this solution might be. he is stuck to his NO and behaves lie a stuborn boy aged 12!

These meetings amongst poltical parties from both sides may only be fruitful if they all decide that Cyprus belongs to Cypriots and i beleive the leaders should get this into their minds. If all others are ejected from the country then there might be a soltuion. Otherwise these meetings are just giving food to journalists and loads of coffee to polticians!


Blogger BAZ said...

Cyprus for Cypriots. What a novel idea. there will be one day a groupof politicians who will capitalise on this. And it is an idea long overdue.

19 March 2007 04:23  

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