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1 April 2007

112 Ball

Saturday 31st March was the date of the long awaited 112 Emergency Fund Ball at the Mercure Hotel in Kervanseray.

We arrived by taxi at 7pm under the canopy of this beautiful hotel with its breath taking views - staff in abundance to open doors and give directions. When we entered the open plan foyer we were amazed by the space and oppulance of the place, walk to the far end where a terrace overlooks the three pools one of Olympic size.

We were shown downstairs to a large reception area where a fruit cocktail was served in an area dotted with an abundance of settees and pedastools bearing crudities to accompany the drink. From the reception we walked through to a bar in the centre of yet another vast room. The drinks were complimentary, whilst we chatted and drank we were serenaded by Alex Emu Acilis a concert violinist of exceptional talent. The mood was set for a luxurious evening of good company, food and entertainment with the arrival of canapes. Just after 8pm we went to the gigantic dining room where approximately 600 guests were seated at round tables of various sizes. The starters of Artichoke hearts with balsamic vinigarette were waiting on the tables, this was followed by Sol au vent with shrimps then a seasonal salad with sweet basil sauce. The main meal was Chicken with mushroom sauce garnished with mixed vegetables, potatoes and rice and finally a mouthwatering Chocolate and hazelnut parfait, all courses were accompanied by local red and white wine and water.

The meal took three hours during which time we were entertained by Ovidiu and Mimi - pan pipes and vocals, then Dawn took the stage she had a superb voice, followed by Anna who did not seem at her best maybe it was because we were close to the speakers. The Cabaret Group from South Cyprus gave a professional act of song and dance getting the guests to their feet singing and dancing the night away. The final act was a local couple - Ebru and Hakan a vocalist and keyboard duo who performed local songs to an enthusiastic audience. Part way through the evening the sirens blared and a cake festooned with candles was wheeled in for Terry Carter who spearhead the 112 service and his wife to celebrate their forthcoming 40th Wedding anniversary and to say a big thank-you to them for their huge help.

We ate, we drank, we talked, laughed and danced through the night in beautiful surroundings. The ladies wore their posh frocks and looked stunning and the men polished up very well. Thanks were given to all that helped in running of the 112 service and all volunteers that organised the event were applauded - all evening there was a tombola with a top prize of a large fridge from Arcelik. Companies of all sizes and individuals generously donated cash and prizes culminating in a grand proft of £8k, which will be spent on buying life saving equipment for the Accident and Emergency Services in the TRNC.

If you were unable to attend the Ball there will be another fund raising in July for 1000 guests in the form of an open air event and in October a smaller event - a Classical concert in Bellapais Abbey.

I would personally like to thank all those involved for such a fantastic evening, what a feat so professionally organised put together with flair. The hotel staff were at all times polite and attentative whilst under great pressure which helped the evening flow.
Thank-you ALL


Blogger Izzet Zorlu said...

Woww! You had a good evening! I am glad to hear the fundraising went well.

1 April 2007 23:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Folks We had a fabulous evening too! Everyone we have spoken too, other than one person who moaned about the food [but you cannot expect a private restaurant meal with those Numbers, have you ever been to a function at the Jasmine Court its rubbish, the Mercure was fantastic in comparison!!] however we were there to support the cause, but hey we were at the greatest party we have been to since we came to the TRNC. [ we have been here 18 months]
We have spoken to several Cypriots who’s attitude was “ Hey those Brits certainly know how to party, I want an invite to the next one”.
Poor Anna had a cold & bad throat, but being the trouper she is she went on stage, did not let people down, gave her best, and gave an additional set to “fill in”. She was wonderful under very difficult circumstances, and anyone who says different hasn’t a clue about what went on, Kelly’s team were fantastic.
I certainly am looking forward to the next function by the way did you read that slogan on the back of the Menu cards? “The Money we raise tonight may save your life tomorrow” That’s food for thought was n’t it? Did you pick up the free ICE card on the table, wow that is useful I am keeping mine in my car!.
From A very happy “Newbe” in TRNC

6 April 2007 07:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The food was long in coming, and after attending several similar type functions in the UK, it would have been far less complicated to offer a simpler menu, and get it served and out of the way before the main entertainment began; that would have left us free to enjoy it, rather than worry about being pulled away from the dance floor to eat the next course!
The entertainment however was awesome, over and beyond the call of duty. It was obvious all the acts had put time and thought into their shows, and nearly all came dressed for the occasion.
I am surprised to hear Anna had a cold, from where I was sitting she was superb and from the audience reaction, and in my humble opinion, stole the show!

8 April 2007 01:44  

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