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Sourp Magar Monastery
Sourp Magar Monastery
photo by: Les Willis
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Camping in North Cyprus

Camping in Karpas
photo by: Izzet Zorlu
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The great feature of camping in North Cyprus is that you really can get away from it all - if you want to!

Camping on the Karpas Peninsula

The Karpas Peninsula in North Cyprus is a wonderful place to camp, being both rugged and unspoilt, yet easily reached by car.

Camp with the Turtles

Well, not literally, but close enough! The Karpas Pensinula has clean, unspoilt beaches, and this is what nesting turtles love. The Turtle Beach Restaurant offers camping facilities right next to the dunes behind the mile-long Golden Sands beach, home to nesting turtles. The two species of turtle who nest on North Cyprus are heavily protected, but you can still watch the turtles lay their eggs, or hatch. Just keep your distance and make sure you do not disturb them. The Turtle Bay campsite is remote, so it is a good 30 minute drive to the nearest village, and there is no electricity supply at the site at present, but that’s part of its charm!

Camping near the Karpas Peninsula

Campsites spread out from the town of Gazimagusa (Famagusta) towards the Karpas Peninsula, so you can get the views without the remoteness! Onur Camping at Iskele are conveniently located near Salamis Bay and the fascinating ruins of the ancient town, so you can combine culture and beach in one easy location. Other North Cyprus campsites include Salamis Camping in Salamis, Incirli Camping in Lapta, Yeni Erenkoy camping, Pelikan Camping in Kumyali, and Kaplica Camping in Kaplica. Most of these sites offer washrooms, toilets and bars.

Camping on non-recognised sites

In theory there are no restrictions on camping in North Cyprus, but be advised that, as in most countries, in practice you just can’t set up camp absolutely anywhere. For example, the military will probably want to know who you are, and why your tent is pitched just outside their military area, especially in the mountains. Remember, military areas also include some lovely North Cyprus beaches. If you manage to avoid these areas, the only other restriction is that you are not allowed to light fires in the forest, for obvious reasons. You might prefer to join an organised camping holiday in North Cyprus to make sure you get the best pitches in the best camps!